A little respect. For I am George, King of the Idiots.

Today was long.  I’m not enjoying a 5 AM start time for work.  We agreed today that our newest team member will adjust to different hours starting next week.  The purpose of her hire was to be our phone representation.  Most of our clients are on the west coast.  None of them have ever needed to phone us at or anywhere near 3 AM.  We negotiated more suitable hours, and next week I’ll probably be less of an airhead.  Probably.

Even in the Army, we didn’t run until 6 AM.  That mean waking up at 5:45 AM to use my toothbrush, (with toothpaste applied the night before).  I slept in my PT uniform, and could put on my kicks and dash out to formation, where I would strategically tie them while doing warm up exercises.  Sleep was precious then, and I could sleep pretty much anywhere, anytime.  One time in basic training, I thought I was being so clever by sneaking in some ZZzz’s while pretending to tighten up my bunk from beneath it.  I heard abruptly cut off laughter, and opened my eyes to see my Drill SGT’s face inches from my own.  I’m fairly certain I lost about 3 years from my life expectancy from that moment of sheer terror.

Hopefully, the rest of the week will fly by.  I don’t have enough to do this week, and it’s messing with me.  I’m conscious of working too quickly for my teammates, so I’m deliberately holding back from jumping to another project.  I walked the circle a lot.  Being in motion seemed to help.  I did several Twitter fly-by’s, and tried to play a few hashtags.  I’m a very casual hashtagger, but it’s mostly because I usually need several examples before I understand how to play whatever tag is going around.  Ironically, the few times I’ve done a funny one, it was where I misunderstood the tag.  I think.  I’m too literal.  And knowing I’m too literal doesn’t seem to make any difference, which kinda pisses me off.

Fortunately, the people who play regularly are generally pretty kind, and will favorite some of my attempts.  I’m pretty sure some of them are pity favorites, but I’ve decided that’s just fine.  I take it as, “You keep hanging in there!  You’re bound to tweet something funny someday!  Here, have a favorite!”  Or something similar.  I’m just glad I saw a tweet early on that was making fun of people who gushingly thank anyone who retweets or favorites their tweets, (because that’s totally something I could see myself doing).  When I understand the tag, and can also think of a tweet, it’s a good feeling.  It’s like solving a mini puzzle that leads to a new puzzle.  I love puzzles as much as candy.  Maybe more.

I’m rambling because I’m embarrassed.  I want to rage against unexpected things, but that would be a waste of energy.  When I’m in my apartment, I keep my entry door locked, and then don’t worry about being fully dressed, as it’s just me and my cat.  When I get home, I tend to take off my shoes, socks, and jeans.  I’m on the top floor, so even if I walked past an open window, nobody would be able to see anything private.  I’ve mentioned before that I’m a bit of an airhead.  Well, tonight I proved it.  I walked down the hallway past several closed apartment doors, to the trash chute.  It’s in a little room near the middle stairwell.  When you open the door, the light comes on automatically, (motion detector).

Up until that point, it didn’t occur to me that I was in only my t-shirt and undies.  Technically, nothing private was exposed, I suppose.  But this was an accident.  I saw my reflection in the door to the chute.  I could feel myself start to shut down, but I didn’t.  I bolted from the room and walked quickly back to my apartment.  Nobody opened their door.  I hope nobody looked out their peephole.  When I was 3 doors away, I heard a nearby door unlock, and I ran the last few steps.  We have electronic locks, so there was no key fumbling.  I was in, and then I did that thing I’m always whining about.  I slammed the door.  Sigh.

3 thoughts on “A little respect. For I am George, King of the Idiots.

  • You’ll run out of Seinfeld quotes some day. They’re a limited natural resource, you know.

  • This happens to M sometimes, she forgets, and it haunts her. It was a mistake/accident, and on the bright side, you were only partially exposed, so even in the worst case scenario of running into somebody, they would have seen a woman in a t-shirt and bare legs right? They’d have seen that on a beach or a sunny day in many instances? I’m not undermining your experience here, I know how much it would have upset you and thrown you off balance, I’m just trying to reassure you that’s ok, no harm done.

    Importantly though there is one thing that we should do here. High Five (!!!) for not freezing, you reacted to the situation to look after yourself. That’s hard in the moment when you feel overwhelmed I think? So… go you!!! x

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