Wait a second. This book has been in the bathroom.

I’m not supposed to work on weekends anymore.  It blows my mind a little.  The people I work with don’t work on weekends, or after hours.  They don’t want to start working during these times.  They think work should be done at work, and when we leave, we should do other things.  They feel pressured by me to work more in order to keep up.  I never suggested this explicitly, but it’s the message they received, nonetheless.  So I’m adjusting to this change.  So far, it sucks.

I’ve spent too much time pacing on automatic pilot today.  My brain wants to build solutions to work puzzles.  I’ve finished my chores, and did a Twitter fly-by.  It’s nice outside.  I went for a run earlier on the trails.  I saw an older couple walking 2 cats in a screened in stroller.  It was adorable.  I starting imagining doing this with my cat, but when I came around the curve, I looked back and saw that everyone they passed stopped to chit chat.  So that’s not happening.  I run with headphones on.  Not in-ear buds.  Over-ear headphones with a twisty cable, an amp, and an iPod.  In winter, carrying this in a pocket is a cinch.  Now that it’s nice out, I carry it in my left hand, and my keys in my right hand.  This is so far from ideal, it’s ridic.

I’m on my third portable amp, and fifth iPod, from dropping them.  I think when I run, I let go as much as possible while I stride.  It feels a lot like dreaming.  I get my best ideas during my runs.  It’s when I’m most relaxed, and my mind wanders.  I should find a small padded bag with a strap I can wrap around my hand a few times to hang on better.  I hate running with sunglasses on, but it’s necessary in the daytime.  I do wish the R&D chemistry geeks for optometry would hurry up and invent liquid contacts you insert like an eye drop.  While you’re on that, could you also make an additional lens drop that causes a chemical reaction with the lenses, with the effect of protecting my eyes from bright lights?  If the tinting could be increased incrementally by adding more drops, that’d be cool.  Here are some other ideas for eyedrop contacts and tinting:

  1. Contact and tinting drops moisturize eyes.
  2. Drops last 30+ hours, but change daily for optimal use.
  3. Drops dissolve while sleeping, (closed eye trigger at x seconds).
  4. Dissolve tinting by closing eyes for x seconds, (then perhaps rapid blinking).
  5. Eco friendly packaging.
  6. Completely manufactured/packaged in USA.
  7. Employee owned (private?) company.
  8. Partner with Amazon, and have them do marketing and distribution.
  9. Have Amazon produce instructional video to stream on Amazon /Amazon Video.
  10. Pay taxes owed to America for the privilege.

I’m so ready to order mine.  So get on that.  I’m sure many other useful options will follow.  Like, liquid contacts that allow me to see better at night, or maybe even parts of the spectrum that aren’t presently visible to the naked eye.  Not to mention liquid contacts that make my eyes look differently.  There are people who will want their eyes to be solid black orbs.  Others will want every other design imaginable.  Sooner than later, there will be black market eye drops that grant abilities of a nefarious nature.  Then DIY drops, knock-offs, etc.

See?  This is why I used to work on weekends.  To prevent myself from running off on obscure tangents for no apparent reason.  Now, someone go pâtent that shit before a pâtent tröll does.