Spending the night is optional!

I lay down for over an hour, but sleep eludes me.  I’m too hot, but it’s not hot enough to justify turning on the AC.  I’m not old enough for this to be hot flashes related to menopause.  I’m just hot blooded, and I can’t sleep when I’m hot unless I’m exhausted.  My new phone arrives tomorrow.  I ordered the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.  My last Android phone was the Note 2, so it’s been a while.  My iPhone’s battery life is horrible of late.  I think I’m going to download an app to find out what’s eating it up so quickly.  It’s also feeling hot, so I removed it from the case.  I’ll put it in a different case tomorrow.  I’m too clumsy to use it unprotected.

I’m using my much neglected Chromebook.  I’ll like it better when I can log into it with my phone.  I do hate that there is no way to adjust the keyboard settings.  I’ll probably get used to it with more use.  For what it cost, it’s really a decent machine.  It’s the Toshiba version with 1080p IPS screen.  It’s a blatant copy of Apple’s macbook design, but I’m okay with that.  I’m still in a fuck Apple kind of mood.  Although, I’m pro encryption with no back doors for the government.  You want to think that nothing you do is of interest to any law enforcement agencies, but you know there’s always some asshole who abuses the privilege of access to people’s private information.  Last I checked, that asshole was an entire agency.

Most people with the ability to create something worth keeping private will also have the ability to keep it private.  I have a hard time finding sympathy for those who don’t even try.  With the internet, there aren’t really any more excuses for not learning.  At least not for those with access.  Lose your entire thesis because your system crashed and you didn’t save several times during creation?  Sucks being you.  Get hacked because your password was 1234?  Or password?  Or your street number, birthday, part of your phone number or SSN, or any other pathetic attempt at security?  Good.  Hopefully it will have convinced you to stop being a dumb ass.  Yeah.  No sympathy from me.

I’m looking forward to visiting Denver in a few weeks.  It’ll be a short visit, but I’ll manage to accomplish what I need to in that time.  I’ll be spending time with my new aide, and deciding on some finishes.  I’m anxious about spending time with her.  I’ve met her, and we’ve texted, but still anxious.  At least she has a dog.  That will help.  My cat has been cracking me up today.  She’s a lap kitty, and she doesn’t care if I get up constantly.  She’ll sit where I was and wait for me to return, then climb back into my lap.  When I’m hot, I have a tendency to set her down.  But she’s not having it.  Right back into my lap the second I let go.  So I’m just dealing with it.  It’s funny.

I suspect she would love it if I got a kitten, but I don’t know if I’m up for it.  Amelia Bedelia is really good about leaving things alone.  She doesn’t chew cords, or anything.  She will knock everything off every surface, but usually to get my attention.  Kittens require paying attention more than I do now.  I doubt I’ll do it.  I spend enough time with her, and play with her often.  It’s the wee hours when I actually sleep that I worry she’s lonely.  But she spends most of the night sleeping with me, so maybe I’m just overthinking it.

My mind is uncomfortable right now.  I feel the need to do some artwork, but there are so many other things I’d rather do instead.  I know that putting it off means that nagging feeling will remain, but I’m so scattered right now that it’s hard for me to focus on a new task.  I think I’m in pre-meltdown.  I’m probably too tired to narrow down what I need to do to stop it.  It’s weird.  I don’t feel sleepy, but I’m very tired.  I can barely focus enough to make sense while writing this.  I have some OTC sleep aids, but they don’t always work.  Often they just give me vertigo and nausea, but don’t help me sleep.  This is one thing that I won’t have to deal with after I move.  Indica lets me sleep so easily.  It’s the perfect off switch for me.

I just realized the only thing running doesn’t help with:  Sleeping.  Sigh.  I guess I’ll read some more.  I just finished The Dragon’s Path by Daniel Abraham.  I’m a few pages into book 2.  It’s my first time reading this author.  His style is different.  It’s too soon to pinpoint what about his writing is different.  So far it seems like he’s writing from farther back than others.  Not farther back in time.  Like he’s more detached from the story.  After I’ve read a few more of his books, I’ll be able to articulate it better.  I’m enjoying it, though.