Off to NYC

I thought my tooth socket got infected, but I had it checked, and it’s just sore while it heals.  I’m relieved, as I’ve followed the instructions.  I rearranged furniture in my lounge, and now It flows much better.  No more broken toes between now and moving time.  I’m flying soon.  Our airport has good wifi.  It’s faster than I get at home at this time.  I guess it’s a perk of having such a small airport.  I slept well last night.  Leaving a window cracked, and then piling blankets on top of my weighted blanket was nice.  I woke up when I got too hot, fed my cat, and then crawled back in bed for another few hours.  I did a lot of work on a new project over the weekend, so I don’t have much to do while visiting my sister.

The time difference messes me up a little, but it’ll be nice when I return.  I got some Skittles and Mt. Dew for a snack on the plane.  I’d better go get ready to board.

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