Fixer Upper is pure awesomepuppymonkeybaby

Fixer Upper is my new favorite show.  I’m completely in love with the hosts, their children, and their farm animals.  It’s the best show HGTV has ever produced.  Even better than Property Brothers and Divine Design.  Who knew that was possible?  The hosts, husband and wife, are super talented, and watching them interact is awesome.  Seeing people whom you know are in love is a treat.  They’re hilarious, too.  They show outtakes often, much to my amusement.  They fix up houses instead of building new, which is smart.  They can make a barn into a high end home.  It’s amazing.  I’m watching it right now.

There was a commercial earlier that showed a big man jogging.  As he ran past the camera, you saw a little woman curled up on his back.  He stops, faces the camera, and says nobody likes a clinger.  Then they cut to a toilet with a more effective flushing mechanism, and repeat the fact that nobody likes a clinger.  I laughed so hard.  It’s brilliant.  I love it when they nail a commercial so effectively, and make me belly laugh.  It’s for an American Standard toilet.  The water flows from the top side of the bowl, which makes it clean itself whenever flushed.  I suspect it will eliminate the issue for which it was designed.  I kinda wish I could have listened in on the meeting where they discussed the necessity for this product.  It had to be at least a little funny.  I’m sure they had a lot of fun making the commercial, too.  Life is so much better when people don’t take it too seriously.