She had man hands

I have a migraine.  It’s ignorable.  I’m probably dehydrated.  I’ve been overly focused on my work, and haven’t paid attention to minor annoyances, like thirst.  My sister went through some of the furniture I bookmarked, and we decided on the Togo.  It’s low to the ground, and no hard legs to break toes upon.  It will keep me from sitting on the floor, and be comfortable enough for her when she visits.  I’m more interested in the TV and audio equipment.  I’ll be going to visit her in a few weeks in NYC.  It can be a sensory nightmare if I don’t plan ahead.

I’ve made lots of progress with my encryption work.  Sometimes it’s good that I don’t have an off switch when coding.  Productive, at least.  Some aspects of AI scare me.  It messes with my sense of object vs. being.  The finer that line gets, the more it scares me.  Humans develop an awareness of self over time.  Experiences factor largely into personality.  I’m starting to grasp why religion exists on a deeper level.  I never realized how much this project would effect me.  It’s broadened my view, and freed me from a lot of nonsense I wasn’t even aware I believed.  I suppose the act of creating something more intelligent than it’s creator is like looking into a mirror, and seeing an ape reflected back.  I don’t know whether I should laugh, cry, or hide.  It’s kind of like playing the ultimate game of chicken.  Only, the impact potential is greater than I can fathom.

One thought on “She had man hands

  • It might look overwhelming at times, but I have faith you can do this.

    I love the Toga, good choice ! 🙂 they have some fab colors too, did you choose one yet ?

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