One thought on “My bad

  • Not “bad” – “human”

    People often respond in different ways when powered by their emotional responses. You’ve had a think about that and decided you will aim to moderate this. Good for you 🙂 Many fail to understand how their responses are not only driven by their perceptions and emotions in a moment, they don’t even take a look – and so they never really understand ( or care ) how they may have impacted others. In this respect they fail to grow socially. You are the exact opposite.

    Of course there are times that it might be justified that our words are weaponised, and finding the balance and understanding when that might be can be even harder.

    I was motivated to comment on this because you are never mean for the sake of being mean, you don’t aim to hurt people’s feelings, and mostly you make more sense than the vast majority of people I know.

    So I hope you can be kind to yourself, it’s ok to make mistakes and ok to be “human” .

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