2016 begins

I picked up my car today.  Amazing how easy it was to put off.  I hate driving.  I went as soon as it got light outside, and found it quickly.  It had over a foot of snow on it, but finding it in daylight proved simple.  Cleaning the snow off was painful as I didn’t bring gloves, and have no scraper.  So I improvised with some microfiber towels in my trunk.  My fingers were burning when I finished.  The taxi service who drove me to the airport was interesting.  They didn’t get my online reservation, so it’s a good thing I called to verify.  The guy picked me up quickly, but took another call while driving me.  He put it on speaker, but was writing down the information with a pen and paper.  We were all over the road while this went on.

I was sitting in the front seat, so I got a good view of the swerving.  Then he told me he’d been driving since last night.  I suppose picking up revelers.  Fortunately, the rest of the ride was fine.  He offered to drive me around inside the parking lot, but I declined.  He only charged me $20, too, which was nice.  Next week, I’ll take my car to get cleaned, and tuned up.  I also payed my bills and did some vacuuming.  Pretty productive for prior to noon.  I’m going to chill and watch a movie soon.  My hands still feel a little sore from warming up.  I turned on my heated seat and sat on my hands between snow scraping sessions.  I’m glad I retrieved it, but I don’t plan on going anywhere for the next few days.

I think I’ll work on designing a Star Wars quilt with the material I ordered.  I’m thinking of doing a design where it’s Star Wars on one side, and solid on the other.  I’d like to find a cobalt blue fabric.  I’ve seen the movie twice now.  Still love it.  My thoughts after were more about what’s going to happen next.  Disney will wring every possible penny of profit from the franchise, so there will be several more episodes if my guess is right.  If they manage to keep J. J. Abrams on board, it’ll be nice.  I’m overtired.  I should probably order a scraper while my fingers still hurt so I don’t forget.  I need to order a new phone, too.  And a guitar strap.  I think that’s it.  I’m off to Amazon.