Carrie Fisher is Cooler Than You

I read earlier that some people are upset that Carrie Fisher looks like a 59-year-old woman.  She is a 59-year-old woman.  This is the kind of shit that makes me entertain the possibility that I’m on the wrong planet.  I’ll admit, my immediate reaction to this “news” was unkind.  I secretly wished that the fleas of a thousand camels infested their junk.  But then I recognized that it’s best not to pay attention to delusional behavior.  It’s not to be encouraged.

Carrie Fisher is a cool person.  I saw a show she did on HBO that was hilarious and thoughtful.  I saw her in the original trilogy, and she was one of my favorite characters.  It was the first movie I can recall seeing where a woman was portrayed as strong, in a leadership role, demonstrating incredible bravery, and carrying the 2 male leads.  I understand that hormones interfered with the brain function of many males who fell in lust over her gold bikini poster in 1983.  But grow the fuck up.  Carrie Fisher changed the world for me as a child.  I haven’t forgotten this as an adult.  When I saw her, I cried with a mixture of joy, honor, nostalgia, and delight.

The part of Leia that was created by Carrie Fisher is her wit, her strong will, and her subtle air of royalty that she completely ignores.  These traits are also part of Carrie Fisher, the real person.  I think that’s what made her character so powerful.  It was based on truth.  I feel sorry for anyone who missed all that over a gold bikini.