Made it

I made it to Denver without a single catastrophe.  I did, however, hit a few bumps in the road.  The first was when I left to drive myself to the airport.  I debated about calling a taxi, but parking is cheap, so I parked in long term parking.  The second I stepped out of my car, I looked down and saw I was standing on ice.  I managed to unload my luggage and walk in without falling.  It was windy and cold when I walked in.  I had gone back and forth about just wearing a hoodie instead of a coat.  I’m so glad I went with the coat.

My plane was delayed because they had to de-ice it.  It took about an hour.  When we landed, a couple seated behind me started freaking out because they had 1 minute to get to another gate for a connecting flight.  Denver has a huge airport.  I had to take a fucking train while still inside the airport just to get to my ride.  It was super crowded, and people kept smiling and pushing their way aboard even though we were already so close we were no longer strangers.  When it took off, I started to fall into a guy next to me, who laughed, caught me, and braced me just before we stopped.  The stop was even worse.  It was like the way you drove for your first year.  You always followed too closely, waited too long to apply the breaks, and caused passengers to jolt forward and fear for their lives every time you stopped.  Like that.

Finally, I arrived at the agreed upon door and found my ride straight away.  I got in, fastened my seatbelt, and was handed a portable vaporizer.  They vaporize the THC with heat rather than burning it, so it doesn’t cause a contact high for the driver.  I think it might be illegal, though.  I’m not sure.  Anyway, I went from the airport to the dispensary.  It took a lot longer than I was expecting.  They had me smell various types, and explained the difference between indica, sativa, and various hybrids.  There were several ways to ingest, and they showed me various tools and forms available.  I got flowers and some new thing that was recommended that’s supposed to be an improvement on a previous thing.  I was stoned beyond comprehending by that point.

One of the tenders was so hot.  Too young, though.  He looked to be about 22.  He had a ponytail.  I must finally be growing out of my attraction to a military buzzcut and a uniform.  This guy looked to me like a cross between a skater boi, a stoner, and a granola eater.  I need a skater boi, stoner who eats meat not just because he finds it delicious, but also out of spite to vegans who mention being vegan to people who aren’t on the verge of preparing them food, but still loves animals.  And reading.  And speculative fiction.  And computers.  And software development.  I’m so stoned that I just noticed I went from an excruciatingly long, run-on sentence, to a few really short sentences.  I’m amused by this, which is how I know I’m stoned.

I can’t feel the back of my head.  It’s a delightful feeling.  I haven’t stimmed since I got here.  I’m not shaking at all.  I wish I had my violin.  I think I’m going to sleep well tonight.  That alone makes this trip worth it.  I’m having such a good time so far.  Tomorrow I have to eat at a restaurant I haven’t been to before.  I hope they will make me grilled cheese.  Flying dehydrated me and my legs hurt from random charlie horses.  I know this is another reason I need to sleep well.  My body wants to heal from my last long run.  I’m going to try to sleep now.