Sleep Eludes Me

I didn’t sleep again.  I think I’ve gotten about 6 hours total so far this week.  Last night we had thunder while it was snowing.  It was bizarre.  I suppose freaky weather is the new normal.  It’s frozen ice mixed with snow outside, so I haven’t been driving much.  I’ve been writing down things to pack as I think of them.  My sleep deprived brain will forget something important otherwise.  It’s funny to me, as my memory is normally outstanding.  But when I’m sleep deprived, my short term memory gets spotty, and my ability to access my long term memory becomes painfully slow.  I feel like a Windows computer owned by someone who has never done maintenance or defragged the hard drive.

They found a Linux bug that will make hacking much easier.  That won’t last long on the popular distros.  I can almost picture the people who do a lot of work on various distros awakening to this news with utter disgust, and vowing to fix it before they sleep again.  Software bugs remind me of cheap jigsaw puzzles where the pieces are cut in a manner that requires careful attention to detail in order to prevent putting the wrong piece in  place merely because it fits.  Heye and Ravensburger are the best jigsaw puzzle brands.  I don’t always buy them because I like certain artists like Charles Wysocki, but I know the cheaper puzzles will only survive being solved twice.

I have a serious jigsaw puzzle addiction.  I own about 200, not counting the ones that are awaiting delivery.  I need to cull them and only keep the good ones.  I figure I’ll just recycle them, as I’ve not had good luck giving them away.  It always results in at least one box being dropped, and pieces everywhere.  It’s just cardboard and ink.  I’ll dump a bunch in the cardboard recycle bin.  I don’t like the electronic puzzles.  The interface is awkward using a mouse.  The touch screen versions for iPad are poorly coded.  I’m holding out for coffee table sized touch screens that are fully touch capable, not X-points where X=<the entire screen.  Then I’ll write my own program that allows me to use wallpaper images as puzzles.

OLED screen would be good.  Then touch and pause for say 1 second to pick up a piece and move it.  Magnetized effect to prevent pieces from covering each other.  Auto sort edge pieces option.  Turn all pieces right side up option.  And other sorting options.  Clearly, I take this shit seriously.  I think one reason I love jigsaw puzzles so much is because they are like math.  There is only one solution, and when you solve it, the reward is a completed pattern.  When I finish a puzzle, I count things in the photo.  Like, how many people? How many animals?  That sort.  Then I break it apart and start another.  I’ve been doing them my whole life.  I love them as much as reading.

I need to sleep soon.  I can tell I’m loopy.  I can see the air, but the floor isn’t appearing to randomly change depths yet.  When that starts, I know I have to at least lay down or I’ll start hurling.  Insomnia sucks.