Adele is So Dope

I’m headed to Denver on the 23rd.  I’m excited to go, even though it’ll be a short trip.  I’m too cat-paranoid to go for more than 4 days.  Plus I’m a homebody, so anything longer would just make me anxious anyway.  I’ve had a headache all day today.  Not debilitating, just constant and annoying.  I didn’t sleep last night, so that’s probably why.  I finished a book by Felicia Day called, You’re Never Weird on the Internet (almost).  I bought it in August, but had several books ahead of it to read first.  I liked the book.  She’s pretty relatable.  She’s really smart, neurotic, funny, and talented.  I love that she’s also a violinist.  And that she has a math degree.

I followed her on Twitter for like a week.  She didn’t have much to say that interested me.  I suck at following celebrities.  I probably shouldn’t bother.  Except for Amy Lee and Evanescence, of course.  The only other celebrity I follow is Wil Wheaton.  He cracks me up a lot, and never annoys me.  I follow a lot of authors too.  But I culled some famous ones for various reasons.  Neal Stephenson rarely tweets.  Same goes for Ernest Cline.  Patrick Rothfuss gets a little odd with his tweets at times.  John Scalzi tweets a LOT.  He also annoys the shit out of me with his insecurity driven arrogance.

He’s got the same views as I do politically, and shares his thoughts on current events.  However, any time someone criticizes his work, he loses his shit and tells them not to read his books.  It’s not even funny.  There are a lot of assholes out there who get their jollies from being hyper-critical asshats to famous creative people.  Most are of course hurt by this, because human.  But when the creative famous person responds by channeling their inner toddler, it makes a bad situation worse in my opinion.  Go hug your wife and count your money or something.  Just don’t get all butt hurt over it and respond.  Obviously, anyone with the time and gumption to do such a thing is an asshole who wants attention.  Don’t encourage this type of behavior by giving them what they want.

Adele Live in NYC is on.  She’s so awesome.  I remember a commercial from when I was a kid about a cassette tape company.  I know.  Shut up.  Anyway, it was Memorex, and their motto was, “Is it live, or is it Memorex?”.  Adele would have been so perfect for this concept.  She’s the real deal.  No bells and whistles necessary.  In the age of autotune, Adele is a diamond shining brightly amid many rocks.  Thank goodness she exists.  The world is a better place because she sings.  She’s beautiful, too.

She’s getting a standing ovation, and is crying over the response.  I’m surprised she gets so nervous when you consider the fact that she brings it every time.  I can think of 3 singers that blow me over like this.  Adele, Kelly Clarkson, and Amy Lee.  Adele has the audience standing up and singing Rolling in the Deep with her.  That was the first song I heard from her.  She was at a radio station singing live, because the radio dude didn’t think she could sound that good live.  She proved him wrong in a major way, and won my heart at the same time.  Also, when ‘fuck’ was one of the first words out of her mouth when she did a huge show in London, I knew instantly that I loved her.

I love that all three are awesomely talented, humble despite it, and they all 3 choose some really intense and difficult music.  I appreciate that in an artist.  I’m not impressed by pop fluff songs that even I can sing note for note.  Music is communication to me, and the lyrics are only part of the message.  I think it matters so much to me because it’s one of the forms of communication that I can use consistently.  I’m still not talking out loud, but it’s not bugging me anymore.  I found a blog of another autistic woman who has the same issue, and that made me feel better about it.  I eliminated some of the things that were stressing me out.  Now I just have to wait for my anxiety to catch up.

I’m looking forward to my trip to Denver.  Even though it’ll be for Christmas.  I don’t celebrate it.  Just another day.  Even when I was a Christian, I didn’t.  Jesus wasn’t born in December, and the holiday was appropriated from pagans.  So it’s a bullshit holiday on many levels.  The blatant consumerism and the lies are messed up.  I loved it as a kid, though.  I think it’s a holiday for children, and those who feel obligated to buy them gifts.  I can’t fault an adult for being sucked into the cuteness tractor beams of a child who wants a gift.  That shit is impossible to resist when you don’t have kids of your own.  I spoil the kids in my life, but I’m pretty sure it’s half of what being an aunt is all about.  The rest is listening with a straight face when they bitch about their parents, and agreeing with them in a noncommittal fashion.  I totally rock the role.

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