Puff Puff Pass

We’re supposed to get 10″ of snow in the next two days.  I seriously have to go to the grocery store tonight.  I need to get fabric softener and food.  Just a quick visit to pick up a few things.  I have food, I just need peanut butter and jelly.  I didn’t realize I was almost out.  PB&J’s are a big part of my diet.  I also need bananas, lettuce, and protein shakes.  That’s only 3 aisles, so in and out fast.  I can do this.  No big deal.  I’ll put “thanks” on my phone before I leave so I don’t panic at checkout.  Still no voice, but I’m not freaking out about it.

I took lots of photos of my hood yesterday, but my nephew didn’t want me to put them on Twitter.  He said it’s bad enough I have my city in my profile, I didn’t need to add my address.  So I only put in a few that weren’t obvious to anyone who doesn’t live here.  It kind of bummed me out, because I got a close up of a goose.  It was just sitting there in the grass, and only barely moved when I walked up to click a photo.  It was huge.  Probably figured it could take me if necessary.

When I move to Denver, I’m going to start using pot regularly to help with my anxiety.  I’ve had it before.  I know there are specific strains, and that I have to consult with a tender, because the wrong strain will make anxiety worse.  I’ll probably get a vaporizer.  Seems it would be easiest to control dosage that way.  It won’t take much, and I don’t want to overdo it and end up studying my hand for an hour.  I know if I could use some right now, I could talk again.  Not that I’m freaking out about it.  I won’t do it here though.  It’s so illegal here, and I can’t handle the consequences.

The people in the unit next to mine don’t have my reservations about it.  I’m the only apartment sharing a wall with them, so I’m sure I’m the only one who can smell it.  It doesn’t bother me, it amuses me.  A lot of people use it here, and part of me admires the testicular fortitude required to brazenly thumb their nose at the law.  The people who get caught are usually dealers.  I can’t recall reading about someone getting caught who only had a small amount for personal usage on them.  The ones who deal usually have other drugs, large amounts of cash, and unregistered firearms.  I guess it’s go big or go home with dealers.

I have another nephew who used to deal and use.  He quit when he got a good job that tested.  I don’t think he ever got busted for it.  His dad, my brother, used to keep a baggie of it in the freezer.  When I’d go over to their house, my nephew would show it to me and we’d giggle.  I’m pro legalization nationwide for medical usage.  In fact, if I was a lawyer, I would sue the government for making it illegal.  It’s a crime to deny it to people who are sick or disabled, and could benefit from it’s use.  The alternative drugs they are given astonish me.  I know it all comes back to the corruption in our government.  The ones with the most money get to make the laws.  The legal drug industry gets away with profiteering because they pay off congress and senators.  The big industries who don’t want the competition made it illegal for false reasons, which is why I think it could be overturned in court if someone had the courage and skill to challenge it.

There are so many bullshit claims about weed.  That it’s dangerous.  Nobody ever died from an overdose.  You can’t even say that of Tylenol.  They claim it’s a gateway drug.  This is also a lie.  Most people who use weed don’t use any other “illicit” drugs.  It’s anti-hemp propaganda from cotton industry that started the lies.  If the Native Americans were allowed to produce hemp, it alone could lift them out of poverty by providing jobs and industry.  I’m hoping so much that Senator Sanders wins the democratic nomination.  I know he won’t be able to snap his fingers and make things right, but the fact that he vehemently wants to free America from it’s corruption is enough for me.  Clinton just can’t sway me away from Bernie with her unbelievable proclamations.  The comment relating 9/11 to accepting money from walls street criminals knocked me flat.  There’s no coming back from that.  It was nonsensical bullshit.  It proved what I suspected.  She thinks we lack the intelligence to see through her phoniness.  Insult.  Injury.  Hell no.

Carson and Trump.  Hell no squared.  Huckabee?  Are you kidding me?  If any of those 3 get the republican nomination, it’s over.  The chances of Senator Sanders getting the nomination over Clinton is something that bothers me.  I don’t think the democratic party will nominate him.  I think it’s rigged.  I think they assume Clinton would be a stronger candidate against whatever clown the republicans choose.  They are so wrong.  We’re not fooled by her.  Bernie is a little wacky.  But he has our nations best interests in his sights, and is going to go for it with everything he has.  He’s sincere.  He even listens and responds to tweets by his supporters.  That really blew my mind.

I know he will have to fight for every inch of progress, but at least he knows the goal.  Those who truly believe that a presidential candidate can actually accomplish the things they are passionate about once they reach office are deluded.  The system is broken far beyond what a president can do to fix it.  I wish they would make congress 1 term in a lifetime.  I wish lobbyists weren’t allowed to bribe congress and senators.  I wish Judge Judy was the House speaker.  I wish any representative who was caught accepting a bribe was immediately fired, and not replaced with anyone until the next term.  That’d teach states who put forth good old boys who are older and richer than god.  Representatives should be just that.  Representations of the people.  Right now, it’s so far from what was intended that it’s impotent.  I love America.  I hate that government and corruption are synonyms.

I wish the people responsible for the corruption were stripped of citizenship and banished from American soil for life.  But I know something nobody else seems to know.  Money is power right now, but this is about to change.  Soon, people like me will have immense power to control the economy, and some other crucial things.  I stagger at the responsibility, and have no intention of using it.  The knowledge alone is enough to raise my blood pressure.  I doubt the others like me will share my restraint and unwillingness to wield power.  I don’t need it to love myself.  I know where power leads, and I don’t want to go there.  I don’t think the others think the way I do.  In fact, I know they don’t.