I had a productive day.  I got all my chores done.  I did a little work on some of the websites I’m currently working on.  Nothing live yet.  I’m revamping the design for the support site for autism and similar.  I got fed up with the domain issues from so I picked a new one instead.  It can sit in limbo for a year for all I care.  A $15 mistake.  I’ve made worse.  I registered instead.  It gets right to the point, and I like that.  I’ll work on that during the week.  The other site is 3rd in priority, so it’ll be the last one I address.

The autism site is up, but not live.  Meaning, it hasn’t been advertised and has no members yet.  I was using WordPress, but have since decided against it.  I don’t have the content to bother with a CMS.  So I’m doing it from scratch, which is always best.  That way I have control over all the design elements.  I’m keeping the logo, though.  I really hate web development.  I stopped doing it ages ago.  Back before Adobe bought out Macromedia.  Back when Flash was considered cool.  I used Macromedia way back when Flash was called Action.  I was so accustomed to the interface, that using Fireworks was like breathing.  I’m glad I don’t have to create for dial-up bandwidth anymore.  That was so limiting.

I do realize that most people access the web with their smart phones now, but I don’t build websites for phones. Just apps.  I’m optimizing the site for phones, but not extensively.  They won’t be able to chat on their phones without a 3rd party app.  Pretty sure that applies to the forums too.  I don’t surf on my iPhone.  My vision is too poor.  My phone is for texting, email, weather, banking, and games.

I’m so over Apple.  While I do like Logic Pro X and writing IOS apps, the reasons to ever buy one again are plummeting.  I want to try the Google phone next.  If I don’t like it, I’ll go back to a Samsung Note.  The iPad Air 2 is nice.  It’s fast, light, and has a great screen.  Nobody has topped it yet.  However, I don’t use it enough to bother buying the next iteration.  Certainly not the monstrosity they just released with the $99 stylus.  I did get $99 worth of laughing my ass off at it, though.  It’s been out for a week.  I wonder how many people have lost their stylus so far.  Bet it’s more than one!

The only thing about Apple is that their laptop touchpad is still the best on the market.  Sigh.

Dear Chinese Electronics Manufacturers,

Please copy the design for the Apple trackpad, and install it on every laptop you produce for the next three years.  They won’t sue you because they need you to continue fleecing the American public with their overpriced but sleekly attractive products.  Except the Mac Pro.  That thing is fugly.  What were they thinking?  But I digress.  Copy the design.  Use it on everything.  You will be rewarded with American customers who like me, despise Apple, Inc., but still buy their stuff because nobody else has copied the trackpad design.  Be that someone.

Love, My Blatant Inner Consumer

If they don’t manage to pull this off, I’ll use an external mouse and suck it up.  I’m no longer hostage to Apple’s ecosystem, thanks to Amazon.  So I’ll continue to use the 2 Apple machines I have currently, but I won’t buy anything else from them.  I’m officially boycotting Apple for loopholing their way out of billions in taxes.  Having a gay CEO isn’t enough to overlook this bullshit.  They still don’t hire enough women and I’m unaware of a single disabled person working there.  I won’t even bother to see if they have any veterans on the payroll.  These are important factors to me.  I vote with my money.  If you suck that hard, you can’t have anymore.

I understand that tax dollars finance a lot of bullshit programs for an extremely corrupt government.  It’s a legitimate issue.  But the “can’t beat ’em, join ’em” attitude doesn’t cut it.  Just because the laws are set up for the wealthy corporations and individuals who buy lobbyists who then pay off congress and senate representatives to skew the system in their favor, doesn’t mean it’s right to withhold your share of the cost of being an American corporation.  The system is corrupt because companies like Apple, Inc. have shareholders who make the company their little bitch.  I know the shareholders care only about the profits.  I also know that being a publicly traded company is optional.

I know that Apple, Inc. could buy back it’s own controlling interests, and stop being part of the problem.  I know that Apple, Inc., could stop outsourcing all their manufacturing to China and South Korea, and bring those jobs to America.  It would require paying them a livable wage, which would cut into their overall profit margin.  But if it was a privately owned company that didn’t contribute to the corruption that is Wall Street, it could do these things, and be an outstanding company, rather than a morally corrupt part of the problem with America.

I hate Wall Street.  I hate it because people use it to gain without giving anything.  They don’t add anything or create anything.  They are vultures who gamble in hopes of gaining profits off the labor and creations of others.  Everything about it is corrupt.  It’s a festering boil on our economy.  The fact that taxpayer money was used to bail it out is something that utterly disgusts me.  It etched in my mind the moment I recognized that I would no longer die for my country.  My service to the US Army is over.  I never stopped being a soldier afterward, though.  I was always prepared to do whatever my country needed me to do to protect her interests.  This is no longer the case.  Until America is freed from the corruption that is presently strangling her, and robbing her of the dream that once united us all as a nation, I’m only dedicated to the interests of the poor, the infirm, and those who are weaker than me.

The leeches and festering boils that are ruining America can suck it.