The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

I watched the news a bit ago.  It showed footage of Muslim men in Paris holding up signs that said they were accused of being terrorists, and that they of course were not.  They said they trusted the people of Paris, and asked them to show that they trust them too by giving them a hug.  One was a Syrian refugee who was smiling as people lined up to hug him.  Another was just 17, and he eagerly ran up to people who opened their arms to him so he could hug them.  Another was blindfolded to show his trust.  It was beautiful.  It made me cry.

I knew there were genuinely good people on this planet.  It’s still touching to watch them express their kindheartedness publicly.  Especially after such a tragic day less than a week ago.  I sent a tweet to my state senator, as he was going on about halting the Syrian refugees from entering our state.  I basically told him that if he operates from fear rather than compassion, he has no business representing my state.  If the people in Paris can shed their fear to make room for their compassion, then so can a senator from South Dakota.  I have no tolerance for adults in representative leadership positions who behave like a toddler watching Mufasa die in a stampede.

The news about Charlie Sheen was unfortunate.  I’m not sure he’ll make a good poster boy for HIV, but at least he’s had an impact on the general public.  Apparently lots of people got tested after his interview.  That’s a good thing.  Of course, Jenny McCarthy had to jump into the spotlight to play victim once again.  She’s already far more dangerous than a person with HIV and a sociopathic enmity.  Her loud ignorance regarding vaccinations led to a lot of parents not immunizing their children, even though it’s been scientifically proven not to have any link to autism.  Unvaccinated children can collectively rejuvenate long-dormant diseases and trigger lethal epidemics.  I don’t think parents should be allowed to pass on vaccinations and remain in the country.  No vaccinations, no citizenship.

With privilege comes responsibility.  It’s a privilege to live in America.  People who have never left it don’t realize how awesome it is in comparison to many other countries.  They’ve never seen real poverty, so they think it means people who can’t afford cable TV.  Privilege.  Those who abuse the privilege by refusing to take basic measures to protect themselves and everyone else should get the fuck out.  However, it wouldn’t generate any money, so the government does nothing.  Capitalist socialism sucks.