Rolling with the Horde

I started to build a new character on WoW yesterday.  A Tauren Warrior.  My first Horde character.  She’s currently level 16.  I was trying to get to level 20, because I wanted to be able to ride one of my mounts.  However, I chose Herbalism as one of my professions, so hoofing it (hahaha), is for the best.  I had a good time exploring areas I rarely visited in the past.  Navigating Orgrimmar was difficult.  I just took my time and noted things I’ll want to use in the future.  I forgot what it was like to have no gold.  I hit 1 gold just before logging out.

On my Alliance toons, I start farming ore and skins if I drop below my comfort level of gold, around 20,000.  It was eye opening when I couldn’t afford to buy a heavy brown sack.  I had a blast, though.  It will also be my first melee DPS toon.  My only other DPS toon is my Draenei Hunter.  She’s fun to play too, but my heart is my Draenei Paladin tank.  My first toon, and still my main.  I chose the Tauren race because when I play PVP on my tank, the only toon that could consistently take me down was a Tauren.  It’s rare for me to die as my tank.

I plan on leveling my new Tauren to 100.  She’s also my first toon that isn’t overtly sexualized.

When she dances, she does the Electric Slide.  Her rude gesture is hilarious.  I haven’t acknowledged other players yet, or looked for a guild.  I have a tendency to play like I’m the only toon in the world hahaha.  I’ll probably do some dungeons and PVP soon, though.  After I tighten up my rotations.  I picked fury so far.  She’s a lot of fun.  I didn’t have a problem playing for Horde, because of the WoW novels I’ve read.  I picked Alliance before I knew anything about the lore.  I stuck with Alliance because I was having a blast, and enjoy my guild.  Also, it’s nice to be able to send gold and mats between toons.

I have a feeling this won’t be my last Horde toon.  There are other races that look interesting.  Plus, I want to rock a Death Knight someday.  They look fascinating.  The starting area for my new toon is lovely.  Wide open spaces, similar to African Veldt, so far.  The scenery is a big part of the game for me.  Also, the animals are fabulous.  Giraffe-like, zebra-like, lion and cheetah varieties.  I would love to have a job where I brainstormed lore for a game like WoW.  So much of what I’ve seen so far in my gaming history copies lore from IRL, plus dragons.  It’s cool, and you’re bound to find something of which you were previously unaware.  However, with the opportunity to create your own, I would absolutely invent everything from scratch.

An indie game dev will probably do this eventually.  The big name game producers are such chicken shits when it comes to doing something new.  It’s all about the revenue, so they see no point in taking risks.  So there are several games that are pretty much the same thing, and then they turn it into a franchise, and churn out more and more of the same old crap.  Kill, kill, kill, hang out with your friends and kill together.  I avoid a lot of first-person shooters, because they are glorified shooting ranges with shitty controls.  Some people love them.  They make me yawn and roll my eyes.

I’m super excited about VR this time around, because as always, I’m hoping they use it to step outside of the box.  I would love a game where exploration, collecting, building, and professions are the focus.  Where you don’t kill anything, ever.  A game that rewards you for imagination, innovation, and curiosity.  I may develop something along those lines myself.  If VR finally comes through for me this time around, I will.  I came very close to purchasing one of the dev kits for the Oculus.  But when Facebook bought it, I groaned, and didn’t bother. Facebook tends to wring out any semblance of creativity, and instead, fill in those gaps with privacy syphoning mini addictions in digital format.  Fuck facebook.