3 Second Delay

I didn’t sleep at all.  My mind won’t turn off.  I still need to go to the grocery store, but it’s not urgent.  I have food.  I just need a few things.  I got some of my list from nuts.com.  I love that site.  They have good quality nuts and dried fruit.  I’m all about peanuts and dried bananas.  I think I do the paleo diet without realizing it.

I need to drop off some stuff at our local women’s shelter.  They’re having record numbers of women and children who need a safe place.  I’m going to stop at Target and get some toiletries, toys, a few prepaid cell phones, and mascara.  I tried to think of what things a woman wouldn’t likely grab when fleeing for her life.  Things that help a woman who is displaced and stressed out feel a little better.  Oh yeah, a few manicure sets and safety razors.  I’m sure I’ll think of more when I’m there.

It looks like summer may be over. FINALLY.  Oh gross they just showed a woman holding a huge cockroach on the news.  [full body shudder]  I was playing ‘gonna getcha’ with my cat, and was crawling around a corner when she pounced and we smashed each other in the face.  Not hard, but she made a sound that sounded a lot like laughter.  We were both startled, and her “laugh” made me laugh too.  She’s so awesome.