Death of a Teenaged Autist

I follow my local newspaper’s 911 tweets on Twitter.  On the first of this month, it stated a body had been found on the interstate just outside of town.  They were able to determine that he had been struck by a semi truck, and have since been looking for witnesses and the driver of the semi.  Today, I found out that he’s been identified as a 16-year-old boy from a local private high school.  He was unrecognizable, but identified by his shoes.

The cause of death is not officially determined yet, but his custodial grandparents suspect he was in the process of running away after an argument.  They think he jumped off a bridge in an attempt to land on the top of the semi truck, like he’d seen in movies.  He was autistic.  They think he saw it as a logical approach to obtaining transportation to see the Big Boy steam engine in Cheyenne, Wy.  This sounds like a credible explanation to me. I feel sad at his loss.  He was so young, and had so many trains to see in his future.  He will be missed, not only by his loving grandparents, but also by those of us who never even got the chance to meet him, and talk about trains, or any of his other interests.  Rest in peace, Jay Lavender.