Ten Perks Kids with Autism Get from Bullying: The Honest Version

We got enough bullying as children. We will not tolerate it as adults.

A Hell On Earth

So Autism Daily Newscast continues their trend of fucking up spectacularly.  This time they published an article by an ABA practitioner (aka professional bully) about all the benefits of Autistic kids being bullied.  I guess it makes sense that an ABA practitioner would write something like this, they do need to defend their livelihoods, right?

Anyway, here’s my more honest version of the article.

1. Promoting Autism Friendly Programs: Discrimination leads to social justice! Be thankful for Autistic peoples’ rights being violated because it gives them the experience of fighting for basic human respect and dignity. Similarly, black people should be thankful for slavery, Jim Crow laws, mass incarceration and continuous violence from law enforcement. Without that good old discrimination they wouldn’t have a civil rights movement. GO BIGOTRY AND INTOLERANCE!
2. Team Work: Your child being abused will allow you, the parent, to build a better relationship with…

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2 thoughts on “Ten Perks Kids with Autism Get from Bullying: The Honest Version

  • After the site-owner of Autism Daily Newscast VERY suddenly sold the site (she documented this the other day, in an e-mail to all of her site’s subscribers), the new ownership brought in a substantially revised editorial policy, dated today. If you, like me, oppose their previous “professional” worship of “person with ______ ” talk, read especially the paragraph including the words “Identity First”: as this establishes that they now admit a variety of uses but will prefer “autistic person’ to “person with autism” — http://www.autismdailynewscast.com/editorial-policy/

    AND (even more importantly) the “bullying perks”‘article has been COMPLETELY REMOVED from the Autism Daily News site. Its link now comes up “404” (nothing there), and it is GONE from where it appeared: the site’s Editorial section at http://www.autismdailynewscast.com/category/opinion/editorial/ — and likewise GONE from everywhere else on the site. There is no reference anywhere to it, anywhere on the site.


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