Time Travel

It’s still summer in Denver too. Global warming is ruining outside for me.  My flight was superb.   I slept the whole time, and even drooled a little.  I like the flat I’m staying in.  It’s a rental unit owned by my family, but of the 2 units, only 1 is rented out presently.  I have a feeling this one will be permanently occupied by my nephew.  I crashed on the couch for a bit, then awoke to realize he was streaming Bob’s Burgers while sitting near me, eating Chinese food.

He ordered me some shrimp fried rice and crab rangoon.  He’s my favorite nephew.  I’ve been half watching that, and half paying attention to Twitter.  People on Twitter are so funny.  Every day I laugh really hard multiple times at some of the tweets by people I follow.  I really think comedian should be the highest paying profession in the world.  No other job contributes as much joy to the world.  That should be rewarded handsomely, and Louis C.K. should be way richer than Bill Gates.  Windows is nice, but it never made me laugh so hard I peed a little.  It’s made me cry, though.

This world is so hard to understand.  I made a friend on twitter today, as we shared similar views on the refugee issues and general displeasure with the status quo of American politics.  Then she posted that America is Neo Fascist.  I couldn’t let that go because it’s an ignorant lie.  Clearly, she doesn’t understand what fascism entails.  So I pointed this out, and followed up with reminding her that if America was truly fascist, she would be killed immediately for voicing her opinions on Twitter.  Then I added that if America is truly fascist, the Million Man March going on today led by Native Americans, and followed by people of color who are loudly chanting ‘Down, Down USA’ would result in a government led massacre of all involved.  She blocked me.  I’m fine with that.  It’s not the first time I’ve offended someone by insisting on truth and accuracy.  Not even close.  It’s an Aspie thing, I’ve been told.  Personally, I think it’s a good trait. Reality only exists if the majority agree to acknowledge it.  I don’t like it when people exaggerate to the point of being offensive in an effort to spread their message.  It ruins their credibility, and defeats the purpose.

I also found a group in Denver who also support Bernie Sanders for president.  They congratulated me on my upcoming move, offered to help me find a local ‘Feel the Bern’ party, and gave me links to resources so I can catch him live at another time.  I’m going to love living here.  Sioux Falls is nice, but there are things about it that suck. Mainly that it’s located in South Dakota.  Yep.  That about sums it up.

The cool thing is that when I move I’ll be moving through space and time simultaneously.  Those who claim time travel is a myth have never been to South Dakota.  Where every minute is a fucking eternity locked in the ’60’s.  Sioux Falls is progressive, liberal, and surrounded by hell.  Every weekend, it’s infiltrated with farmers from out of town whose normal idea of traffic is a cow in the road.  They ignore lanes, drive super slowly, and cause accidents in a 1 mile radius around the mall.  I was delighted to watch it disappear through my plane window.

My nephew is enjoying Twitter too.  He’s making suggestions of things to type and generally cracking me up.  He’s made me promise 3 times so far that I won’t let my sister see it.  She’s religious, and would be appalled.  While that would be amusing, it wouldn’t be for long.  I get stressed out when she’s upset with me, so it’s not worth it.  She travels a lot so it’s rarely a concern.  We’re supposed to be looking through catalogs for light fixtures and faucets.  I just can’t make myself care about it today.  Back to Bob’s Burgers and Twitter.