Allergy Hell

September flew by.  I’m so glad the heat and humidity are basically history for the next several months.  I’ve had a rough week so far due to migraine/sinus pain.  I got a reprieve last night and half of today, but now it’s returned with a vengeance.  I rehydrated during and after my run last night.  I actually wore a hoodie and sweatpants which was nice because of the pockets for my keys and ipod/amp.  I carried a water bottle and managed to hang on to it for the majority of my run.

I dropped it twice, but both times it didn’t travel very far and was easy to retrieve.  I don’t know why my hands spontaneously let go of whatever I’m holding sometimes.  It’s like my mind forgets to keep putting forth that effort when I begin to relax into my run.  I’ll be glad when it’s cold, and I can dress in layers with lots of pockets.  When I move to Denver, I’ll be able to shop at Title Nine in person.  I try not to purchase my entire wardrobe from that one store, but I usually end up with a lot of skirts, tights, and boots from there.

I miss having Heather around to dictate my wardrobe.  She used to tell me what to wear, how to wear it, and even how to get my hair done.  Since she died, I’ve gradually started dressing like I’m in a uniform. Every day, I wear Levi’s jeans and a t-shirt.  I wear sneakers based on whatever t-shirt I choose.  I have about 20 pairs of sneakers, and about 50 t-shirts.  I have eleven pairs of Levi’s jeans in various colors.  I wear that uniform during all seasons except winter.  In winter, I switch to tights and skirts with boots.

I dress for comfort.  I only wear clothes that are soft.  I’m probably more comfortable with color than most people.  I grew up in the Geranimals era, and I’ve never gotten past the need to match clothes. When I wear purple jeans and a purple t-shirt of the same shade with purple sneakers and a purple headband in my hair, I feel comfortable.  I know people point and giggle.  I don’t care.  I’m not into fashion trends, and decided long ago that I dress for me.  I’m with me all the time, so who better to please than me?

When people laugh at my taste in clothing, I laugh too.  I know they aren’t being kind, but whenever I have a choice between laughing and crying I always pick laughing.  I need to go get groceries, but the first of the month is the worst possible time to go grocery shopping.  It seems like everyone goes that day.  So I’ll continue to make due with what I have left for a few days.  Half a loaf of bread, some frozen blueberries, and most of a box of Gogurt.  Good thing I’m not hungry.  My head feels like it’s going to explode, but I don’t dare take anymore Advil.  Maybe I’ll skip my run and just go to bed.