Ooh, shiny!

The announcements from Apple today were fun to watch.  I’m planning on getting the Apple TV since I dumped cable a while ago, and stream everything now.  I have smart tv, roku 3, and the Amazon stick, but in my living room, I’m using my Playstation 3 for streaming and watching blurays.  It’s fine, but not ideal.  The interface is frustrating.  I hated the Xbox One, so I’m hoping the Apple TV will fulfill my needs.

The problem with the Xbox One was that it was always on, and constantly downloading shit in the background.  Between that and the camera, it felt way too invasive.  I didn’t hack it because I knew quickly that I hated it.  I sold it on Amazon, along with my Wii U.  I hated that even more.  The games were fun, and the interface was okay, but the painfully slow downloads that were required before I could even play made me want to throw it off my balcony.

I don’t know what’s wrong with Nintendo, but they just can’t seem to get it together since the original Wii.  That was awesome.  Everything since has sucked so badly it’s hard to believe they came from the same company.  It’s sad.  I gave my 3DS XL to a kid in my building.  He cleaned up my parking spot in the underground garages in return.  He was probably 8 or 9, so that was as much labor as I was comfortable with him doing.  He was so eager to earn it, so I know he appreciates it far more than I ever did.

I love my Playstation Vita, but I keep reading that it’s considered a failure for Sony.  I’m a Playstation fangirl.  I didn’t realize it until I noticed that I have two Playstation 3’s, a Playstation 2, a Playstation 4, a PSP, and the Vita.  Four consoles plus 2 handhelds equals fangirl.  I used to like a lot of other things by Sony, but now I only like their gaming consoles.  They were so incredibly bad at creating software for the Viao laptops.  I’m glad they sold Vaio, hopefully to a more competent business.

The rose gold iPhone 6s was tempting.  I may upgrade, but I haven’t decided yet.  I didn’t pay attention to much of the upgrades.  I saw the 12 MP camera and 4k video.  Meh.  The iPad Pro and iPencil look ridiculous to me.  That was when I started noticing silly shit.  Like how every year the new whatever they are plugging is better than anything they’ve ever offered before.  Duh!  Why would you go to so much effort to announce something that’s not as good as what’s already available?  I laughed when I saw that.

Their pathetic attempt to be more diverse was funny too.  Between the 3 token females, and the photoshopping of the image of a woman’s smile, it was embarrassing.  They have a way to go in that regard.  I didn’t even bother watching the Apple watch stuff.  Mine is still my alarm clock and nothing more.  I’ll upgrade the OS on the 16th, but if that doesn’t result in a full day on a single charge, I’m selling it.  I wish I had stuck to the golden rule:  Never buy first generation anything from Apple.