The Force Friday

I just completed my Star Wars shopping online.  I kept it under $500, which is the amount I allocated for Force Friday.  I got my Sphero BB-8 directly from the source, as it was sold out at  It worked out well anyway, as they have free shipping.

Thinkgeek had a lot of what I wanted, though.  I got an R2D2 Bento box, the R2D2 trash can,  an R2D2 carry-on suitcase, and an R2D2 purse.  Yes.  I like R2D2.  He’s a smartass droid.  What’s not to love?

huil_r2-d2_bento_box r2d2_trashcan 1e45_r2-d2_carrry_on_luggage imlh_r2d2_dome_purse

Thinkgeek irked me, however.  They had a banner on top offering free shipping if you spend over $50.  What it really meant, is free shipping on some of your stuff, but not all.  Even after their alleged free shipping discount, my shipping was still $10.95.  So it was really a coupon for $6 off shipping, which is less appealing.  Therefore, I headed over to and got a coupon code for $10 off entire order.  Much better.  That additional $4.95 off matters.

After hitting up thinkgeek, I headed over to  They had Star Wars: The Force Awakens fabric fat quarters for quilting.  They also have a free pattern to make a quilt, but I didn’t like it.  I’ll design my own Star Wars quilt instead.  Massdrop is not a site for the impatient.  They’re a group buy site, so you have to wait until the end date, then wait for the manufacturer to make, pack, and ship it to them.  Then you have to wait for Massdrop to repackage your items and ship them to you.  Usually it takes a month or 2.

You can save some money this way.  However, many of the people who use the site are really good at finding the items cheaper on another site, and then linking it in the comments.  I’ve done this a few times when the better deal was on Amazon.  I use it sparingly, as I’m not thrilled with the process.  Amazon Prime has spoiled me so much I can barely tolerate other stores.


I love Star Wars.  I watch the original trilogy and the prequels about five times a year.  I can recite the original trilogy verbatim.  I have the soundtrack, which is awesome.  I listen to it when I run and it makes me feel like a powerful hero while I loop around the bike trails adjacent to where I live.  I always know what’s happening in the movies by what song is on.  It’s like watching a movie while I run.  I love it.