Busy Day

It’s been a busy morning.  The class I taught went well, thanks to the students.  I told them about myself, and one of the guys asked me if it would be easier to type than speak.  I said yes, and he set it up so that everything I typed showed on a screen in front of the classroom.  It helped a lot. I do wish I hadn’t opened my twitter in another tab, though.  They were passing around a handout I printed out for them, and I forgot they could see my laptop screen.

I scrolled down my timeline, and clicked on a photo of a new line of computers by Acer.  One is like a stacking Lego desktop.  When I heard people saying it was cool, I realized what I’d done and switched the tab back to Google docs.  They laughed, and I typed that I forgot.  I finished the class, and went to pick up my R2D2 Trapper Keeper.  It’s not as cool as the ones from the 80’s.  It has a snap instead of a velcro closure.  But it’s still cool.

The professor gave me feedback on the game I’m working on.  It wasn’t positive.  He said he didn’t see how it would be helpful to people on the autism spectrum.  He thinks I should scrap it, and do more freelance programming.  I’ll think about it more before I decide.  I hate it when I find out I misinterpreted an idea.  I will probably try again.

I went back to my hotel room after that and checked twitter privately.  Tomorrow I’m going to see my former doctor.  She’s picking me up in the morning.  My sister is going to take me out for dinner later.  I wish I brought my Alienware laptop instead of my macbook pro.  I want to play World of Warcraft.  I just gained the ability to fly in Draenor, and I wanted to exploit this new ability to treasure hunt.

I’ll have to wait until I get home.  I’ll be glad when I’m home again.  I didn’t sleep well without my weighted blanket.  I’m going to watch Ex Machina again.  It’s a fascinating movie, even though the advanced hardware of the avatars is unbelievable after seeing the computer setup in the opening scene.  Nothing in the photo below is remotely futuristic.  I realize it was a low budget film, but it’s like they didn’t even try in that scene.  It scared me the first time I watched it.  Now I know what will happen, so I like it better each time I watch.  Despite this oversight, it’s such a good, thought provoking film.  It would have made an excellent novel.