My Shelter Baby

I had an epic migraine today.  It started out as annoying background pain, but later came on at full force.  Even barfing didn’t end it.  I took some Advil and lay down for a while.  It has finally ended for the most part, now that the day is over and night is well underway.

This afternoon was stressful, but informative.  I watched Planet Earth, the version narrated by David Attenborough.  I really get into that particular documentary series.  I deliberately leave when the polar bear is starving and tries desperately to snare a walrus, only to get gored several times and still die from starvation.  It’s so sad.  Even though I had to stop watching Lost because that polar bear scared the shit out of me.

My cat is being extra adorable today.  When I think back to what she looked like when I picked her up from the Humane Society, it’s hard to believe she’s the same cat.  She was being abused by the other cats there, and a woman at the VA who volunteered there told me about her.  They had them all in an open pen and they weren’t letting her eat.  She had been crying so much she had tear stains on her face.  She was so timid and tiny and her fur was coming out.

When I got there, she was curled up in a ball in a corner.  I reached in and picked her up.  She didn’t really respond.  She just lay in my arms.  I put her in the carrier I’d purchased on my way there, and took her home.  I set up her litter, food, and water, and then just pet her and talked to her.  That first night, she slept on my pillow beside me.

She’s bigger now, and her coat is thick and shiny.  The tear stains washed right off and haven’t returned.  She’s also quite demanding, and won’t hesitate to tell me off if I get sidetracked when fetching her a treat.  In other words, she’s normal and delightful.  It’s been 3 years now this very month since she came home.  I love her.