I’ve been watching Louie on Amazon Video.  Several times, it’s made me laugh so hard I had to pause it until I could regroup.  He’s hilarious.  He’s extremely offensive, yet he somehow gets you to laugh at the most absurd things imaginable.  Like when his 5-year-old daughter told him she loves Mommy more than him.  And he seems to take it in stride, while continuing to help her brush her teeth.  But when she’s finished and leaving the bathroom to climb into bed, he flips her off, while telling her he loves her.

I laughed really hard.  I had to walk around a bit, it was so funny.  You know he really does love his daughter.  You also know that what she said is pretty typical for her age.  But nonetheless, it was a hurtful thing to say, and she was an asshole for saying it.  His reaction was very human, and therefore, hilarious. Children are extremely loveable.  It’s how they survive.  Being adorable and fresh and innocent.  But they’re also assholes sometimes, and we’re not allowed to let them know we notice.  So his reaction hit me just right, and I had a good, healthy laugh.

It got me thinking about my sense of humor.  I thank my mom for my appreciation of all things funny.  I was raised on Benny Hill, Leo Buscaglia, Garrison Keillor, Upstairs Downstairs, M.A.S.H., and All in the Family.  We watched The Carol Burnett Show religiously.  She even passed on her Erma Bombeck books for my enjoyment.  My strongest memory of my mom is her laughing really hard while watching, Meet the Parents.  It’s an awesome memory.

As I grew, I became a fan of Richard Pryor, George Carlin, and that Jello Popsicle eating serial rapist whose name I won’t say.  Later, I fell in love with the comedy of Ellen Degeneres, Laura Kightlinger, Wanda Sykes, and Chris Rock.  More recently, I’ve enjoyed watching The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, Seinfeld reruns, and of course Amy Schumer.  I watched all three seasons of Inside Amy Schumer over a weekend of laughter.  I also love movies with Melissa McCarthy.


Laughter is a big part of my life, and my favorite hobby.  I’m looking forward to discovering more funny people who are so good at making me laugh and adding joy to my life.