Initial Thoughts

This is my first post on this blog.  I’m hoping to connect with other people who also are on the spectrum, or have a family member, spouse, friend, or co-worker who is also living with autism.  I’ll share a little about myself.  I’m a black woman who lives in the upper midwest of the US.  I’m currently self-employed, and working as a software engineer.  This is my second career.  My first was serving in the US Army.  I was diagnosed while in the service.  I left the military and pursued my education. My goal is to create a video game series that aids in helping others on the spectrum to master the skills necessary to live independently.

I’m sure I’ll share far more about the above as I progress on this blog.  It was hard for me to share that much.  But I managed, and am smiling inside.  I’m interested in computers, programming, reading, gaming, and music.  I hope to find others online who can relate to my experiences.  I also hope that I can help others who face similar challenges.  Life has taught me that if I can convince myself to take a small step outside of my comfort zone, I will often discover something that makes it worth the anxiety and uncertainty.